of the Witches Meltingpot

Kennel of the Witches Meltingpot got the first Mastin Espanol litter born in Scandinavia. It was 9 puppies from Crusjenka and Dreigon.

Kennel of the Witches Meltingopt`s awards 1998:
Mastin Espanol:
Dreigon von Haus vom Steraldted: Norwegian Champion, Swedish Champion, Norwegian Winner 1998, Nordic Winner 1998.
Crusjenka v`t Swift College: Norwegian champion.

Mastino Napoletano:
Olimpia of the Witches Meltingpot: Nordic Winner 1998.
Fiore Mio: Norwegian Champion, Swedish Champion.

Kennel of the Witches Meltingpot was the most awarded kennel in both breeds in Scandinavia in 1998.


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