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  Witches Meltingpot News 2010
Desember 2010
29-30 December
Nice tradition,  worked as a ring steward on Doberman club show at Letohallen, Norway.
Happy new year at all friends!

Puppies born 13 December 5 females & 2 males
Januaria of the Witches Meltingpot & Livio of the Witches Meltingpot

Puppies from Januaria and Livio

November 2010
Amsterdam Winnershow

Made more examinations

October 2010

Judged puppy show in Letohallen, Norway

Judged puppy show in Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger 2010

October 2010
Athens, Greece

Great time in Athens.

Finished practice for Dogo Canario, and did examination for Central Asian Ovcharka and Dogue de Bordeaux

Athens october 2010

October 2010
European dog show, Slovenia

Did a final practice for South Russian Ovcharka, and practice for Maremma, Romanian Mioritic and Romanian Carpatian Shepherd dog.

August 2010
Dog show, Oslo
Biggest dog show ever held in Norway.  9000 dogs entered for the weekend.

Saturday a very nice day worked as a ring steward.

Best of breed, Norwegian winner 2010
Judge: Carlos Salas Melero, Spain
Januaria of the Witches Meltingpot
Januaria of The Witches Meltingpot
Excellent type, strong musckled female. Full of substance.Feminine with excellent temprament. Beautiful expression with wrinkles in the face. Excellent body construction, with excellent front/ rare angulations. Excellent proportions of scull and muzzle with optimal form of the lips. Excellent movements with a lot of push from behind.

August 2010
Our Club Show, Drammen, Norway

The very best organized club show for us so far, a big success for all our hard working staff!

Did another examination for Mastino napoletano, and more practice for Newfoundland

Our judges at KSS club show 2010

August 2010
Finished practice for Pyrenean mastiff, Ca de Bou, Dogue de Bordeaux, Mastin Espanol and Newfoundland.  Finished examination for Tibetan mastiff.

A very warm weekend but a great time and a lot done for my education !! :o)

July 2010
Did a lot judge practice and finished examination for Caucasian Ovcharka & Cane Corso

What a great holiday 6 evening shows!
Bulgaria july 2010

June 2010
Australian Champion
Jeronimo of The Witches Meltingpot
Australian Champion Jeronimo of The Witches Meltingpot
Big congratulations to Belinda and Tim !!

May 2010
Had a great weekend working as ring steward at the Bulldog speciality
Trine Gustavsen

May 2010
Portoroz, Slovenia

Did my very first judge examinations for the breeds Mastino Napoletano & Cane Corso, finished also the practice for Central Asian Ovtcharka
Judge Trine Gustavsen
May 2010
Antonio and me visited wonderful Venezia
Venezia 2010

April 2010
Trine finished the judge student practise for Mastino Napoletano, Cane Corso and Caucasian Ovcharka

25 April 2010
Dog show, Norway
Judge: Leif Herman Wilberg, Norway

BOB and Norwegian Champion, Norwegian Winner 2008 Magnufi Larghezza
Norwegian Champion Norwegian Winner 2008 Magnufi Larghezza
Big thanks to Liv who handled her and made her Norwegian Champion !!

Critic: Excellent type and size. Excellent power and substance. Very expressionate head. Well set ears, good eyes. Excellent loose skin and well dewloped dewlaps. Excellent angulations and croup. Excellent body. Healthy movements!

January 2010
Judging puppy show Vinstra Januar 2010
Judge Trine Gustavsen, Norway
Best in show Shetland Sheepdog Herds Historymaker


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