of the Witches Meltingpot

26th November 2006, Dog Show in Malta.
Judge: Gøran Bodegaard, Denmark.
Hilaria of the Witches Meltingpot: BOO, CAC, CACIB.
Critique: Very good size, Feminine, Nice typical head. Very good front and rear construction.
Excellent neck and topline. Great bone. Moves well.

25th November 2006, Dog Show in Australia.
Judge: Mrs. S Bendixon, Australia.
Hinto of the Witches Meltingpot: BOB, Best Junior in Group, Junior Best in Show !!!!
Congratulations to Samantha Cooper with this great result !!!

18th November 2006, Dog Show in Finland.
Judge: Javier Sanches.
Hermina of the Witches Meltingpot: BOB, CACIB !!!!!
Congratulations Jaana with Family !!!!

18th November, Nordic Winner Show 2006 in Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway.
Judge: Giuseppe Alessandra - Italy.
Miki del Malapensiero: BOB, CACIB, Nordic Winner 2006 !!!!!!
2 years, Good size, Correct bite, Nice head, and good neck. Good wrinkles,
Nice proportions of body, Good topline and angulations, Good mover !

4th November: 3 males & 2 females Mastino puppies, by
Miki del Malapensiero & Farfallina del Malapensiero.

23rd October: 13 Mastin Espanol puppies, 8 females and 5 males, by
Fulano of the Witches Meltingpot & Dona Uba of the Witches Meltingpot.

Miki del Malapensiero & Briciola of the Witches Meltingpot.
Puppies born 21st September 2006.
5 black Girls & 1 grey Boy.
1st litter from Miki.

September 2006:

27th August 2006
KSS Dogshow, Sandvika, Norway
Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo, Italy

Farfallina del Malapensiero: BOS, CAC.
Critique: Excellent size, bone, length. Very good sholder. Excellent forquarterts, chest. Good crup. Excellent volume type of head, proportions and profile. Very good movements...

Miki del Malapensiero BOB, CAC
Critique: 22 months. Good size. Excellent bones, crup, forquarters. The chest still not complete but deep. Excellent forarm. Excellent head. Excellent wrinkles and muzzle, stop and eyes. Very typical movements..
Selected in the group final, by Judge Guido Vandoni.
2nd BEST IN SHOW - KSS Club Show by Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo.

26th August 2006:
Isabella of the Witches Meltingpot: BOB Puppy.

12th August 2006:
Dogshow in Oslo, Norway. Judge: Guido Vandoni, Italy

Farfallina del Malapensiero: BOB, CAC, CACIB, Norwegian winner 2006.
Critique: Very well typed bitch, harmonic. Correct head, correct skin. Correct construction. Sound movements

Fragolino of the Witches Meltingpot: BOS, CAC, CACIB, Norwegian winner 2006, Norwegain Champion, International Champion !!!!
Critique: 2 years typed male. Large head and mussle. Very nice expression. Solid bone. Correct in movement..

Congratulations to Merilyn and Toni for the huge amount of titles that they have made on Fragolino, THANK YOU !!!!!!

European Dog Show
Finland 11th June 2006.
Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain.
Winner BEST OF BREED European Champion
Mastino Napoletano
Owner: Ciro Galifuoco, Italy
We had the pleasure to bring with us this excellent dog, and want to congratulate with the big victory !!!
Thanks so much for trust us with him our dear friend Ciro !

Very impressive dog, 1st class quality. Outstanding dog. Lovely expression, excellent bone, chest. Lovely attitude. I like this dog very much. Super mover as a Mastini Napoletani......

16th April 2006
Maradona (Owner: del Malapensiero): BOB, CAC, CACIB
Critique: Beautiful young male, exellent confirmation of body, exellent head,
exellent movements. Needs more time to devlope maturety.

Illimani Fantastica: 3 BF, ex.
Critique: Very typed bitch, OLD TYPE ZACCARO, Complete teeth, Exellent proprtions
of head, Exellent profile, Short legs, well angulated, No big problems in movements.
Comment from Mr. Vandoni: A female I would love bring to Italy for reproduction in my kennel :O)))

Puppyclass: Hero of the Witches Meltingpot: BOB puppy
Hecuba of the Witches Meltingpot: BOS puppy

Congratulations to all friends with great results at this show............ !!!

7th April 2006:
7 puppies born !!!
Black and grey
CH. Nero del Malapensiero x Farfallina del Malapensiero

Dogshow in Sandefjord, Norway.
Judge: Wenche Eikeseth, Norway.
Mastino Napoletano: Friariell of the Witches Meltingpot - BOB
Puppy Class: Hesperus of the Witches Meltingpot - BOB
Hortensia of the Witches Meltingpot - BOS

Dog show in America 19th February 2006:
Helvia of the Witches Meltingpot: Baby group 2nd placement at her first show !!!!!!!

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