Mastin Espanol

 After a few years breeding Mastino Napoletano I would like to have another breed I had been thinking about since I read a article in Swedish kennel club`s magazine. An impressive breed, and for Norwegian climate I thought it would be a great breed.


So my first two Mastin Espanols was coming from Netherland and breeder Peter van Montfoort.

Later I imported several dogs to enter my show and breeding stock, and mostly from Kennel Montes del Pardo in Madrid. Thanks to Stella and Sergio who is still breeding Mastines who take my breath away !

I am really happy to get to know this magnificent breed, even if I have stopped breeding Mastines they have a big place in my heart. I still follow the breed, and enjoy a lot see them around the world. Here I like to present some of my dogs imported, rented and born here who I will remember always.

Here 3 generations Crusjenka, Angelina and Carisma 

Aquila                                                                           Ayla Dona Xira

               Uba Dreigon


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We are happy that Fulano & Fresa is still living here with us as our pet`s





Last but not least Nalon del Montes del Pardo, winner of several Best in shows, group placements !


It has been a pleasure own, breed and show this magnificent breed. I am now happy to soon be a judge and be able continue follow them closely. In our kennel we will now concentrate all our time to Mastino napoletano. And we will always bring with us the knowledge and experiences we got to breed Mastines.

Best of luck to all friends and breeders with Mastin Espanol !










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